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Regular Crate:

Each box will have a signed illustrated cover paperback (signed bookplates for INTL authors). Comes with special drinkware, at least 2 bookmarks, one art print, other bookish merch and occasionally a d*ckmark from Thirteen Star Designs 


Signed illustrated cover paperback. Up to 2 bookish merch related to book.

Promotional Crate:

*disclaimer: this is the only service that will require author to pay*

A crate including a book of authors choice to promote. A sign up will be posted for bloggers and bookstagrammers. Ebook or physical copies will be needed for this crate. Crate will include book plus 2-3 items


Celestia would cary author's book (s) year round (or as long as stock lasts) in the shop like a bookstore. For readers there would be several options: 1. unsigned paperback 2. signed paperback 3. signed paperback with painted edges


Freebies included in other boxes:

free book QR code, link, swag, etc. This is perfect for authors who aren't sure about having a full box and instead want to have freebies or anything else in a box.


Celestia Book Crate LLC is a small business and we reserve the right to deny any author collabs. We also will cancel any contract(box) if an author is being problematic.